Virtual Reality App Creation

Until very recent, the virtual reality (VR) was just related to the gaming industry. However, if you think that only shooting bullet actions, science fiction or zomdownloadbie environments are in the pack, think again.

We first heard about VR in the 90s, where it has a lot of flaws, like headaches or motion sickness. But thanks to new advancement in the technology, people are discovering its unlimited potential. At our studio, we’re always looking out for creative ways to help our clients tell their stories. Virtual reality is the future of storytelling, and a brand new method of showing out full perception of a reality that doesn’t exist yet.

With the VR, you can persuade your clients not only in words. Instead telling that your restaurant or hotel is the best or showing out pictures, you can take them there; this is possible before they actually step into the building. You can even show them a product that is still in the development phase. We use 3D software to help clients from different areas visualise interiors that don’t exist yet, or virtually transport a client across the globe. Whether is about creating a platform for relaxation or educational purposes, we can create exciting experience for all kind of scenarios.

A wide range of clients from the ones you read in the Fortune 500 magazine to start-ups use this new media to open appetite for the clients. Why? The new generations are experts in the new media, and thus it’s easier to gain their attention with it, instead with old fashioned methods.

You can create VR apps to complete your on-line website, or just as additional presentation of your products and environments at fairs or display exhibitions. We want to create one of kind experiences that make a difference into your client’s experience. Tell your story with virtual reality!