Template Design – a Fast and Affordable Solution

Imagine that you just got a flyer on the street, about this new Chinese restaurant that opened just at the corner of your office. You enter, but as you step inside you realise that the words on the flyer just don’t fit the description of the environment you’ve just stepped in. Instead, the decorations of the restaurant are rather Indian.

Nicely done, but you just wanted to have Chinese noodles, not a curry plate. This is the expectation versus reality effect. The disappointment makes you leave, and search for the appropriate to your tastes place to eat.

This is just a metaphor, but imagines that the same process happens with on-line media. People get to know you, they visit you on-line, but if the content doesn’t fit to your profile, you leave a deep disappointment feeling and they close the page.download

We are here to help match the content of your business with the image of your website. Even if you choose a fast and affordable solution, like template design, we make sure we adjust this to your own profile. Decorations and unnecessary content are of no use for your business. We adjust the text content to strong visual design elements that makes the expectation match the reality.

Layout design and a visual hierarchy play key roles into a successful design. The premium feel to it is not just a matter of balanced elements, but also the good flow of information and graphics.

We pay a special attention to colors in the palette. It is helpful to have a single dedicated color to the items throughout the entire site. This is one simple technique of directing the attention of the visitor where you intent to. Also, white space around the elements keep the design simple and uncluttered, letting your visitors focus on the important information on the page.