Logo and Identity Design

A logo is the unique identification of a company. To the general public, it is a constant reminder of the quality and history of a brand or a product. The challenge here is to create a simple sign, with the ideology and characteristics of the client and the product.

There is no mystery that the logo has gained so much importance in the presentation of a company. Every aspect of a products if filtered by the client with better eyes if the brStan_Group_Astro_Project_Brand_Bookand has a good name or a good design strategy.

However, nowadays, many logos exist out there.

You can rely on our designers to create the unique, quick to recognise logo for your business. We create simple logos that allows you to be quick recognisable and memorable. Apart from its simplicity and memorability, a logo should endure the test of time. The greatest visual identities out there have been around for decades. Although some of them suffer minor updates from time to time, the basic shape remains unchanged. That is a proof of quality. If your brand has heritage, we take good care of the continuity of the values exhibited and highlighted over the years.

Certain strategies and color choice ensure visibility and expression of the right message. Before ever beginning the first sketch we spend a lot of time on checking, or creating core values for the clients. This process ensures that the path to follow is clear, and that the ideas will illustrate perfectly the intrinsic value of the company. Mood boards create the first change of ideas with the clients and sets up further paths to follow. With the specialists in our team and our work strategy, we guarantee effectiveness of the logo in the present and for many years to come. We love to have satisfied clients!