E-Commerce Solutions for Your Website

In our design studio, we approach the development of web solutions with all the applications it can have. We embrace a user centric design philosophy development. We develop appearances and services that will create a meaningful experience to the customer.

The complete web interaction includes the feature of buying over the website portals. E-commerce is the trading of goods, products and services over the internet. It is based on technologies such as mobile commerce, electronic transfeux-788002_960_720r or on-line transactions. These are just fancy names for on-line shops.

In the modern era, more than 50 percent of the buyers in the world shop on-line or check prices and products available in a certain store before going to the mall. You might think, what has this to do with web design? Well, a good structured shop that complements your chain of showrooms, restaurants or services can boost your income.

How can we help you with this? The answer is simple. We know how to design store pages that look modern, are easy to navigate in, use the appropriate color code. In addition, we have complete knowledge on how to host your online store. We help you choose the best shopping cart script and an appropriate payment gateway.

The on-line payment processor that can accept credit cards is a must, unless you want people sending you in checks. It is crucial that the gateway validates the credit card information in real time, and safely deposits the money into your bank account.

Another thing you must highlight in an on-line store is the shipping costs and the estimation of arrival. After the shopping procedure, you need a dedicated e-mail confirmation design.

The complete e-commerce system is very complicated, and composed of many modules, but we take all the responsibility on nicely integration it into your website.