App Design for any Platform

In a world where internet is mostly used from mobile devices, the importance of app design has risen. This market is only at its beginning, being expected to rise in the years to come. Android, Windows and iOS have different design guidelines that are inspired by the specific platform.

We are connoisseurs of each one of them, and able to deliver functional and aesthetic apps solutions, whether it is educational, experience, functional, free or paid. We make sure that your UI will work at an impressive speed and that it will contain entertainment elements for both novice and experienced

The small screen has less space for complicate designs, but this doesn’t mean that the quality of the information in there should be diminished with it. We have a set of rules that we apply. With good driven design rule, we make sure that we design for the right user. As with any other task, research is the foundation stone of a product fit to the client needs. Usability plays a crucial role for the audience’s desirability. The affordance is a function that indicates the level of correct intuitiveness and recognisability of existing shape and color codes.

In order to save time, design and research will work in parallel. Designers quickly sketch a user flow based on the feedback from the client. Small paper prototypes are created to check the flow of actions. This method helps out to discover app ideas and build a general knowledge over each individual page of the final prototype.

Gestures are the definition of mobile apps. Touch, swipe, double-tap, pinch and zoom have become as natural for the users, as holding out a glass of water. We always use these interaction types in the app we create in a manner that the final design makes sense. Animations are included in the package too. When these are combined with gestures, they add another depth to the experience of the user.